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November/December 1998
by John Ineson
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The International Exhibition held in Prague during September contained a considerable amount of the 1918 Czech Scout post material with Masaryk covers, used and mint postcards, telegrams and general covers.  I was joined by Randall Frank from the U.S.A. and Hallvard Slettebø from Norway, and a fair amount of time was spent assessing the various exhibits which contained Scout material.  Unfortunately there were a number Czech Telegram of forgeries of the overprints and many covers produced at a later period.

A visit to the Czech Postal Museum showed one of the four known inverted Masaryk overprints.  Two auctions were held during the ex- hibition and included was a telegram sent from Jan Masaryk to his sister Charlotte stating "Father sends greetings - approaching the border".  A remarkable piece of Czech Scout philately.  A bourse held close to the exhibition provided a number of interesting items for sale and was always very busy.  On offer from one dealer was a Masaryk cover, while others offered both genuine and forged stamps and overprints.

The Euro-Scout meeting held at Schwanberg in Austria was extremely well organised, and was opened by the Mayor with music provided by the local band.  Amongst our members exhibiting were Wilhelm-Otto Neuback, Otmar Puchner, Hubert Schnabl, Hermann Aichinger, Gerhard Winter from Austria.  Walter Grob from Switzerland.  Giovanni Cucchiani, Maurizio Cavalli, Marco Ferrini-Bronzoni, Alberto Vezzalini, Ottavio Tubertini from Italy.  Hallvard Slettebø from Norway, Paul van Herpt from New Zealand.  Gottfried Steinmann, Helmuth Fritsch, Beata Zischka from Germany and Jan Cosyns from Belgium.  As can be imagined some remarkable exhibits were on show, which was non competitive.  Discussions took place at the nearby Limberg Castle concerning a World Organisation of Scout Philatelists, and it is hoped that this can be established at the next Euro-Scout meeting in Italy in September 2000.

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