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May/June 1999
by John Ineson
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A visit to the International Exhibition at Nuremberg in Germany during early May gave me a chance to meet a few of our members including Gottfried Steinmann and Jan Cosyns from Belgium.  Ivan Goya from Spain showed the only Scout exhibit which gained a Vermeil award in the Youth Philately section.  It is good to see some of our younger members taking part in International events, and it is hoped that many more will do so in the future.

Recently I have signed up for the internet.  This virtually instant communication has already brought me into contact with a number of members in many counties, and although I signed up with a company called Dixon's "Freeserve" to start with, this proved rather a disaster.  For those living abroad, "Freeserve" was the first of many providers in the United Kingdom who do not charge to use the internet except the cost of a local call, and within six months or so they had 1.3 million people registered.  The only charge was £1 minute if you needed any help, but being of an older generation I had a few problems setting this up and found the cost of advice horrific.  Since then I have joined the American provider AOL which gives free advice, and with a cost which I consider reasonable.

Now that I am on the World Wide Web I have been told by a couple of members that I should look at the Spanish Club's site on "http:/" and this shows a number of photographs of their exhibition held last autumn near Madrid.  Randall Frank, our Web Master is also responsible for the Spanish Club's and the S.O.S.S.I. web site.

Romania 1932 Error
Printing error on the 1932
Romania 25 bani stamp

A committee meeting was held recently to discuss our year 2000 Exhibition.  This will be held in the conference room at Baden-Powell House.  Unfortunately the large hall which we used for our show in 1990, is not available on the Friday evening when the frames need to be erected.  The conference room was used by us in 1980 and found to be adequate.  This room is alarmed at night and there is no problem that we can see concerning security.  Life is not easy for those planning this show.  We had hoped to borrow the frames belonging to the British Philatelic Federation which are stored within a short distance, but unfortunately these are now being required by the organisers of the International Exhibition being held at Earls Court the following week, so the only suitable frames (that we used in 1980) are situated in Scotland.  We will be limited in the number of frames (which hold sixteen sheets) and therefore it has been decided that the following will be available for exhibitors:-
Juniors: - Half a frame side (eight sheets)
Novices:- (first exhibit at a Scout Stamp Display) Maximum two frame sides (32 sheets)

Others:- Maximum of 5 frames sides (80 sheets), so please make plans to show at our exhibition.  Those who wish to exhibit must let me know by 1st January 2000 the title of their exhibit, and the number and size of their pages.  If we are oversubscribed, the committee will decide which displays will be accepted.  Members exhibiting will be responsible for insuring their own exhibits, and although every care will be made to take care of these, the club cannot be responsible for their safety.  A Dinner will be held on Saturday May 20th, and further details will be given nearer the time.


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