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November/December 1999
by John Ineson
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At the Autumn Stampex exhibition held in London it was good to see three Guide exhibits in the youth section which all gained a bronze award.  One of these did in fact show Girl Guides and about people who use Guide dogs, but any exhibits from young people are always welcome.  We as a club have very few junior members, and any young collectors must be encouraged, as the hobby will not continue without them.

I have recently returned from a visit to South Africa to attend the centenary celebrations of the start of the Anglo-Boer War, where I attended a conference in Bloemfontein and was one of the speakers.  Before arriving at this city I travelled to Randfontein with my wife to show her Warner Goodyear's grave, which as many of you will remember was erected by the generosity of Scout Philatelists from all over the world and dedicated in 1992.  Due to the climate, the gravestone has not deteriorated in any way, and it looks as clean and fresh as the day it was unveiled.  Then to Mafeking which has changed considerably since I first went there in 1975.  Many of the old faces had passed on, and historical buildings have disappeared, but the museum still continues showing many souvenirs from the siege period.

The sub-committee meets regularly to discuss our SGSC 2000 exhibition next May and I 2000 Exhibition Logohave been asked by Bob Lee to remind you all that the pink forms sent out with the last bulletin should be returned to him by January 31st 2000.  There will be a very limited space for trading tables at the exhibition, and these will be on a first come first allocated basis (contact Bob Lee).  Due to the very high cost of hiring the conference room at Baden-Powell House, we will be asking for a donation of £40 for a 6ft (2 metres) table and £20 for a 3ft (1 metre) table which covers both days of the show.  Already we have had a number of request for frames, but regret that we are unable to accept exhibits from outside the E.C. due to the considerable problems with customs.  Therefore those outside (unless you can bring your material with you and hand deliver them to B.P. House on Friday 19th), will not be accepted.  However we would consider a display with good photocopies of your collection.

Lot 106 in the recent auction held by Healey & Wise, caught my interest, as the description by French Stationery Arrowe ParkMichael Berry stated "Is this the only 1929 Arrowe Park cancel on Scout printed stationery?" From my research into the 32 recorded registered covers, I have never seen any on printed stationery.  This cancel should have only been used for registered mail, and this cover is one of only two known unregistered.  This one is dated 12th August, while the other with type 1b cancel was sent on 31st July 1929.  Three other covers are known not registered, but the cancel in each case does not obliterate the stamps and was probably applied by favour.  One of these is illustrated on page 28 of "Boy Scout and Girl Guide Stamps of the World" by Gordon Entwistle.

Not only is our own SGSC exhibition being held in 2000, as the third Euro-Scout meeting is taking place at Comacchio in Italy from 22-24 September.  The previous two shows in Germany and Austria have brought together some of the finest collection in Europe, and this one will no doubt prove to be just as successful.  Please make a note in your diary and try to visit this exhibition.

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