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January/February 2001
by John Ineson
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Another year means another design to the cover of our bulletin and our thanks go to Mike Harrington for once again doing the artwork.  During last year, Peter Duck completed over 25 years as editor of our bulletin and he is to be congratulated and thanked for his loyal service.  The bulletin he produces six times a year depends on articles from members, and during the year he received four researched articles by Tse Ping Fiu, Walter Grob- Sigrist, T.P.McDermott and Manfred Rauschenberger.  A few items were sent for publication, and these include those written by Paul van Herpt, Erhard Stermole, Bob Mc Sherry, Pauli Ihamäki and Brian Billington.  Without the articles by Peter Duck and the junior page by Melvyn Gallagher, there are only a handful of our 500 members who contribute.  If you could write an article or do some original research, then please drop a line to Peter Duck.  All members of the SGSC are allowed one free small advertisement in the bulletin each year; so if you would like to do this, please write to the Editor.

Unfortunately our London meetings were not well-attended last year, and it will be proposed and discussed at our A.G.M. in April, that we reduce our meetings from five to four.  The committee has discussed this and would like to change the months to February, the second Saturday of May, October and December.  Other than the committee, only two other members attended the December meeting when we normally have a good gathering.   With the A.G.M. coming up on 7th April, we would welcome new members on the committee, and if you would like to consider joining, please let our Secretary, Pauline Lee know as soon as possible.

For those members abroad, you may not know that the U.K. Scout Headquarters (including the archives department) has moved from London to Gilwell Park.  This does not affect the hostel and our meeting place at Baden-Powell House.  The new address is The Scout Association, Gilwell Park, Chingford, London E4 7QW.
(Telephone 020-8433-7100 Fax 020-8433-7103 Email- Unfortunately those without a car will now need a taxi or walk nearly 2 miles (3.2 km).

The 11th World Scout Moot was held in Mexico last July for young people between the ages of 18-25.  I have heard very little concerning this world event, and should any of our members who were present; please let Peter have some details about the camp and postal arrangements.  The May/June bulletin last year gave information of the 50th Anniversary of the 7th World Jamboree, which will be held in Bad Ischl, Austria from July 19th-22nd.  Are you attending?  If so please send a report after the celebrations.  I see from the programme that there will be a Post Office and stamp exhibition as well as a memorabilia display from the 1951 Jamboree.

   Please do not forget our exhibition at B.P.House on Saturday 24th February between 11am - 5pm.
There will be a number of Scout philatelic displays, as well as selling tables to add to your own collection.

In auction recently a postcard of Raby Castle was sold postmarked with the scarce 1936 "Darlington" cancel.  This is not only the rarest of all English Scout postmarks, but is one of the scarcest of any U.K. postmarks.  It is surprising that after 65 years another example has surfaced.  I understand from a friend of the auctioneer that the vendor purchased this postcard at a car boot sale for £1.50 (just over US$ 2).  It just goes to prove that there are Darlington Card still bargains about if you are in the right place at the right time.  This postcard which was sent by a scout to his parents was dated 5th August is only the fifth example recorded.  The Scout writes from Sub Camp Grey, No.13 Block K The above address will get me until Tuesday. We trekked with a trek cart 9 miles (14 km) to here. Darlington Piece

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