SGSC Logo Chairman's Notes
May/June 2003
by John Ineson
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No doubt many of our members collect Christmas Post stamps and cachets, and I have often wondered how much money Scouts and Guides raise for their own funds or for charity in our towns and villages.  I was therefore interested to read in the magazine Scouting that the "Scouts and Guides on the Wirral raised £21,400 for 17 local charities with their annual charity Christmas post scheme.  The 60 Groups and Units that took part in the scheme held a presentation evening for the charities in February.  In total 647,000 cards were delivered by the scheme in 2002".

In the January / February Bulletin, I illustrated the meter mark of the 1939 World Rover Moot, which was Monzie Castle at Crieff held at Monzie (pronounced Mon-ee) Castle at Crieff in Scotland.  Since then I have obtained a registered cover sent from the Moot, which was posted at the Mobile Post Office situated at the camp.  As you can see from the photograph, the mobile vehicle had the Registration number GPO 1 (General Post Office).  This vehicle toured the country for Agricultural Shows and special events.  It must have been travelling slowly as it was restricted to 20 miles (32km) per hour.  The circular handstamp postmark states Mobile Post Office with the date, while the registration label is for Crieff, the nearest town.  Held from 15th - 29th July 1939, 3500 Rover Scouts attended this 3rd World Rover Moot from 48 countries, which was the last World Scouting event to be held before war broke out within a few weeks.

spacer     Rover Moot Label
A publicity label was issued
to advertise the Rover Moot
    Crieff Cancel Cover

I have recently been given a long run of the SOSSI magazines, but as I already have a number of these, I now wish to give away, those from the period 1984 - 1994.  The only problem is that the parcel weighs about 5 kilos and whoever wants them will have to pay the postage cost, which amounts to approximately £7.00 in the UK and £20 overseas.  It seems a pity to throw them away.  I will be at the Gilwell Reunion in September, so I can deliver them there, so even if you cannot attend this yourself, I am sure somebody from your County could do so.  The first person to apply can have them!

Although it is only just over two years before the European Jamboree, I have still not received a decision from the organisers if IFSCO and our club in particular will have a stand at this camp.  For those who are not aware, this camp is a trial for the World Jamboree of 2007, which is being held at the same campsite close to Chelmsford in Essex.

I note with interest some of the Scout philatelic items for sale on Ebay.  At the time of writing there is a fake roller cancel advertising the 1931 Czechoslovakia Jamboree.  The original as mentioned is a roller cancel so it is continuous, but the one shown on Ebay has a space on the right side next to the standing Scout holding a flag.

  Czech 1931 Roller Cancel

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