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March/April 2005
by John Ineson
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Our exhibition at Baden-Powell House in February was again a success, but as usual we would have liked to have seen more members attending.  However there was a steady flow of visitors during the day as a number of philatelic publications carried information about the event.  There were some very good displays of material provided by members of the committee.

Congratulations to Tim Reed, one of our committee members, who has been appointed as contingent leader for the county of Wiltshire at the World Jamboree in 2007.  It is good news that the club will have some representation at this centenary event, and we would like to know of other members of our Club who have been selected either as staff or part of a contingent.

Knowing that our Membership Secretary Bob Lee collects used stamps on behalf of the Scout Holiday Homes Trust (which provides coastal holiday accommodation for handicapped people from mainly Scouting families).  I was interested to read in the Daily Mail the question "How many used postage stamps must be sent to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association to allow them to buy a guide dog?"  The Association wrote back to say that they received 30,000 kilos of stamps from the public.  For every kilo of stamps they receive, they are able to raise £1.50 (about US$ 2.85, € 2.17).  Guide Dogs breed their own dogs and the lifetime cost of each dog (which included its breeding, training, veterinary care and feeding) amounts to the equivalent of 23,500 kilos of stamps.

Congratulations to the Badgers Club on their 50th Anniversary, having been formed in 1955 by the late Ernie Hallet.  I know that many of our members also collect badges and belong to the Badgers Club and like our club, numbers increased rapidly during the 1957 World Jamboree at Sutton Coldfield.  I recently attended their celebration Dinner held at Gilwell Park when some 70 members and friends took part in a most enjoyable evening.  Earlier in the day they held their Annual General Meeting and trading/swapping event.  A short history of the Badgers Club has been written by the club historian Mike Gosling "The First 50 years".

Korea 1957 SS Korea SS Large Font

Recently I saw a 1957 Korean miniature sheet for sale on eBay which brought my mind back to the article written in our magazine in January 1985.  There were only 1000 of these sheets sold which makes it one of the scarcest Scout miniature sheets on par with the pair of Egyptian sheets issued in 1956.  What interested me at the time was the illustration which I have reproduced from that bulletin showing two types of printing.  This information was sent in by a member who lived in Korea and shows a much large printing of the top line than usual.  Ever since then I have been looking for the large type sheet and although I have seen a number illustrated in catalogues and at Euro-Scout events, I have been unable to find another.  Would there have been 500 of each miniature sheet produced?  It seems unlikely but perhaps you have one in your collection, and if so I would appreciate knowing.

I have written recently about the hoped for stamps for the 2007 World Jamboree and I quote with permission from the Philatelic Exporter "How subjects are chosen for British stamp issues has traditionally been shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  How on earth does Royal Mail come up with some of the more unlikely anniversaries to celebrate when others seemingly more fitting and with greater sales potential, have been cruelly overlooked.  Amongst stamp collectors, the common perception is that decisions are made by the Stamp Advisory Committee which is at least partially true.  The Committee is made up of approximately 14 members from various walks of life, many with design or print backgrounds, a couple of employees of Royal Mail, a few promoting the interests of the business community, one to ensure adequate representation of the ethnic minorities, just two prominent stamp collectors and none that have any links with the philatelic trade!"

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