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July/August 2006
by John Ineson
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The AGM was very badly supported and other than those committee members present, no other club members attended which is most disappointing.  The reason maybe that a World Cup football match took place that afternoon, or because the Bulletin was not out in time to give a reminder.  It would be hoped that we could get more support from members in the future.

2007 World Jamboree.  The committee have now appointed a representative from the USA, Canada and Germany to man the SGSC stall at the International Badgers Club marquee during the World Jamboree. However the UK applicant is no longer able to attend for the full period, so we are still looking for one representative from the United Kingdom.  As mentioned in the March/April bulletin, the person selected would have to be physically fit and to be at Hylands Park a few days before and a few days after the Jamboree which is from 27th July-8th August.  The good news is that the cost has been finalised at £574 and not £800.  If you would like to be considered please contact Graham Osborne our Secretary or myself as soon as possible.

The international stamp exhibition, Washington 2006, turned out to be one of the most successful stamp events for many decades.  The clicked-in attendance of 226,000 over the eight days was made up of approximately 85,000 different visitors.  Although I understand that three Scout exhibits were accepted due to the considerable worldwide competition.  His eight frames display 'World Scouting' in the thematic class won another entered, only SGSC member HaIlvard Slettebø of Norway was gold medal, which is on par with previous awards for this exhibit.  Recent additions include a significant strengthening of the 1918 Czech Scout Mail Delivery section, with a 20H trial printing pair, an unused postal card and a telegram franked with a 20H stamp with Arrival of President Masaryk overprint.  Only eight are recorded.

Peter Duck our Editor for more than 30 years, has decided that he must relinquish this job in 2007 as by this time he will be 75 years old.  We therefore now urgently need a younger assistant editor to take over as editor after the World Jamboree next year.  This is one of the most important jobs in the SGSC and it is essential that this position is filled within the next few months, so if you think you could help, please contact Peter.

I wrote in the March/April 2005 bulletin about the bulletin about the two types of printing on the 1957 Korean miniature sheet.  Recently one of the larger types appeared on eBay and although creased had a start price of $1999.99 (approx. £1080 € 1550).  This was unsold, so it was advertised again without any success.  Since then I have heard of another in a US Scout collection, but this also has a slight crease, so I guess that these were discarded printers proofs. This should close the discussion on these sheets and it appears that only a handful can exist, and that they were never officially issued.

In the United Kingdom we are all used to the Gibbons catalogues, but I was interested to see that the U.S. catalogue producers, Scott, have now started to issue their 2007 catalogues all bearing Scout stamps on the front covers.  While the SOSSI Annual General meeting was in progress, the editor of these catalogues kindly presented enlarged coloured copies to the President of SOSSI.  With the centenary of Scouting quickly approaching, I understand that the Royal Mint will be issuing a special 50p coin next year.  A quick reminder that the 32p Jack Cornwell V.C. stamp will be issued on September 21st to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross.  The stamps will be printed in horizontal se-tenant pairs with another V. C. stamp.

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