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November/December 2006
by John Ineson
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We have now completed our team to represent the SGSC at the 21st World Jamboree being held at Hylands Park, Chelmsford next summer.  The following have been chosen, Randall Frank of the U.S.A., Alex Hadden from Canada, Gottfried Steinmann from Germany and Terry Simister from the U.K. They will be manning a stand to advertise our club in the International Badgers Club marquee.  It is hoped that members Jack Cornwell visiting the Jamboree for a day will call and make themselves known.

The November issue of Picture Postcard Monthly reports that a set of "Scouts of the World" postcards auctioned in September by Trevor Vennett- Smith of Nottingham made £365 (US$686 Euro530).  I cannot remember how many cards there are in the set, but the price seems excessive.  Also while writing about prices realised, I note that the recent issue of the First Class stamp showing Jack Cornwell which costs 32p at the Post Office, was placed on eBay in October with a starting price of £1.00.  It had five bidders and went for £4.20, but I was surprised to see that a UK bidder offered £4.00.

I mentioned in my July-August notes that Peter Duck, our editor for over 30 years will be stepping down in 2007.  To date we have had no offers to take his place.  It is essential that we have somebody in line to do this job, as without the bulletin, we will really have no club.  The British Philatelic Bulletin reported in their October 2006 issue that a final press release has been issued by the Philatelic Music Circle.  It announced that the group was folding due to "finding it increasingly difficult to maintain our membership, and vitally important, to encourage members to take over the work of the committee".  It is really sad that one of the earliest and largest major thematic societies should find itself in this position after 37 years, especially as they had a membership of over 300 collectors.  We are lucky in the SGSC having had volunteers replacing essential positions on the committee over the last few years, but it is very important that we find a replacement Editor.  If you would consider doing this important job, please contact Peter Duck.

The Post Office has released more details of the 2007 special stamp programme.  The number of sets to be issued has now risen to 15 with a total of 94 stamps.  To think that when the set of stamps were produced for the Coronation in 1953, we had to wait another four years before a set of commemorative stamps were to be issued and that was for the 9th World Jamboree at Sutton Coldfield in 1957.

Please note that the meeting planned for 3rd March 2007 has now been changed and this will now be held on Saturday 24th February in London at the Royal Horticultural Hall, now renamed the Lawrence Hall to coincide with Philatex.  The reason for the change is that the International Badgers Club will be hosting the annual World Collectors meeting at Gilwell Park on 2nd and 3rd March.  Therefore, as a number of our members wish to attend this event, it was decided to change the date.  We will meeting between 10.30 and 12.30 at the Lawrence Hall, when it is hoped to have displays by members and a chance to add items to your collection.

What a delightful photograph showing a large poster to advertise the 1st World Jamboree held in the UK in World Jamboree 1920 Photo 1920.  This was sent by our member Benito Bugallo from Spain and has the Red Indian sketch drawn by Baden-Powell. A similar label in colour was produced with the same picture and was one of a set of three produced to advertise the event.

1920 WJ Poster Stamp

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