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March/April 2008
by John Ineson
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Many favourable comments have been made to our editor and members of the committee regarding the new size Bulletin, which thanks to our new Editor Terry Simister, was issued earlier this year.  To keep up the standard of the Bulletin, he will still need articles from members, not just from some of those on the committee.

Gottfried Steinmann, one of our members from Germany reports that on the 9th February at the Felzmann auction at Düsseldorf, Germany a collection was auctioned which was of great interest to Seoul stamp collectors.  The collection consisted of about 120 items of covers, stamps and stamp designs from the time of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.  The starting price was €190,000 (£146,000, US$ 293,000) which was quite a sum! Will there be anybody interested?  I wondered.  But surprisingly, not only the Polish Post Office and the bank PKO – both undertakings of the Polish Government, but also representatives from the German Government showed interest and interfered.  It was suspected, that this collection was to be bought by Berlin in order to be presented to Warsaw.  Seemingly the Polish wanted to acquire it themselves.  So the auction was set for two hours earlier, apparently to keep out other buyers, (so the Polish media specul- ated).  In any case, there was no other buyers present, so the collection was sold at the starting price of €190,000 plus 18% commission= €224,200 to the Polish buyers.  In the future it will be shown at the 1944 Warsaw Uprising museum in Warsaw.

Entry forms, which should be completed by 31st March, have now arrived for the 2008 Euro-Scout Philatelic Exhibition being held at Benken, Switzerland from 25th to 27 July 2008.  The show is non-competitive and application forms can be obtained from Fredy Scherb whose email address is  As Switzerland is not in the EU, customs details will have to be followed and these are mentioned on the reverse of the entry form.  The exhibition will take place at the Hall of the local municipalty and in the nearby Restaurant Rössli.  Both premises are in the centre of the village of Benken, which is situated about 35 miles from Zurich As usual there will be an Exchange Market which will take place on the Friday and Saturday at the Rössli Restaurant.  Full details can be found on the website At the same time as the Euro-Scout meeting is being held, the Swiss National Scout Camp "Contura '08" will be taking place nearby from Wednesday July 231d until Wednesday July 30th.

I was interested to read and see a photograph of Len Moss in one of the New Zealand Auction catalogues that he has reached the age of 100.  Over the years I had seen his name and address on covers and at one time he was a member of the SGSC.  Peter Duck remembers him coming to his house in June 1979 when Len was in the U.K. for the 50th anniversary of the Arrowe Park World Jamboree which he attended in 1929.

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