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September/October 2009
by John Ineson
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Help please!  Much has been written about the very scarce 1936 Darlington postmark, but very little about the Mt. Edgcumbe West Country Jamboree held at Mount Edgcumbe, Plymouth the same year.  Registered covers are known and they all appear to have the "A" cancel as illustrated here, but having recently seen a third known postmark type on cover, I would like to research and write an article for the Bulletin about these cancels.  Therefore your help would be appreciated if you could either send me a photocopy or a scan of any covers you own from this Jamboree.  My address and email is to be found inside the back cover.  I do have illustrations over the years from the Healey & Wise auction catalogues, so if you purchased one of those covers or postmarks, there is no need to reply.

Moving from Devon to the next county of Somerset, the Scouts there have had at least three Jamborees in the 1930's.  Some 10,000 Scouts attended the West Country Jamboree at Corston near Bath in 1932, where in usual Scout fashion; it carried on despite torrential downpour which turned the campsite into a "sea of mud".  Despite having no sound track there is a short Pathe News film of this event which can be seen by going into the website Baden-Powell, and his wife both attended this event and 3 UK Cachets were given a rousing welcome.  In fact if you scroll down on this website you will find pictures (and in some cases sound) of many events from the 1930's including Raby Castle, Darlington, the Blackpool Rally and BP at Canterbury with Jam Roll.  Circular cachets were is use at Corston in 1932 (in black), Glastonbury in 1935 and Bridgwater in 1937, (both in purple).  Do you know of any more cachets from these Jamborees held during the 1930's?  I am aware of the two line Kent County Jamboree held at Maidstone in 1932 which was used on registered covers.

With our Euro-Scout event taking place next May in Chelmsford, 1996 Telephone Card I have been asked by one of our members if I could explain more about these exhibitions.  The first one was held by the German Club, ArGe Pfadfinder, at I Grafing, in 1996 when there were 230 frames with displays from all over Europe, New Zealand and Mexico.  Not only did they hold a Scout stamp exhibition, but they organised a Balloon Post.  It was they who named it Euro-Scout and the logo which they designed has been used in subsequent exhibitions with each country using their own National Flag.  So successful was this event that that the Austrian Club StPS hosted a Euro-Scout in Schwanberg in 1998 and this was followed by Italy in 2000, Belgium in 2002, Czech Republic in 2004, Spain in 2006 and Switzerland in 2008.  There have been many souvenirs from these shows including a telephone card from the Euro-Scout held in Germany.  Special postmarks have been part of this event and we are already making plans for one to be used for our show next year.

It was at the 2000 Euro-Scout Philatelic Exhibition held at Comacchio, Italy, that a meeting took place to form IFSCO, the International Federation of Scout and Guide Stamp Collecting Organizations.  The purpose of IFSCO is to provide a unified front in dealing with the World Scout Bureau, international philatelic organizations, promoting international Scout stamp exhibitions, and participation in World Scouting events.  Since the formation of IFSCO some of the members have helped to classify the various issues from A to E.  Details at There were many dubious issues in 2007 and many of these are classed as "C".  It is at the Euro-Scout meeting that IFSCO decides where the following meeting will take place.

I do have various Scout magazines to give away.  The only cost would be the actual postage plus a very small packing fee.  However, if paying by PayPal, the purchaser would have to pay their charge of 4%.  I have the following.  Our magazine but called the Scout Stamp Collectors Club 1961-1969 virtually complete.  World Scout Sealers No. 1-23 (1990-2000) great for those collecting seals/labels.  Scout & Guide Stamp Society of Australia 1986-1991.  Scout Memorabilia published in the USA 1967-1996 nearly complete.  I also have a later long run of our Bulletin and the SOSSI Journal which I will offer free in another Bulletin.

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