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July/August 2010
by Melvyn Gallagher
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It is with some measure of reticence that I have agreed to take on the mantle of Club Chairman (yes, Chairman not chair, which is something you sit upon!) following, as I do, in the footsteps of John Ineson a Scouting philatelist of international renown and whose recent award of the Silver Wolf credited his work for our Club in the citation.

At present our hobby, like many others, is not as popular with young people as it was in more halcyon days when there was not the plethora of other more trendy activities available to them, such as computer games, Facebook and, perhaps, an over emphasis on achieving sporting and academic prowess.

Like the difference between taking snaps and photographs we have collectors and philatelists, most of the club members falling into the former category collecting for fun rather than profit or undertaking serious research and exhibiting at major exhibitions.

Our philatelists publish their research and are helping us collectors, who see their wonderful collections displayed, at learning a great deal about our hobby with information that can be passed on to other collectors or in basic displays for young people to enjoy and learn from at Group level.  Hopefully this will encourage youngsters to start collecting and join our Club either as an individual or as a Troop, Pack, Colony or Company or other section.

Our members should not be afraid to get out and attend our Club meetings where we exchange knowledge in a friendly environment and as at present they are held at PHILATEX in central London members have the added bonus of being able to see other collections and add to their albums too.

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