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May/June 2013
by Melvyn Gallagher
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In order to engage today's youngsters with collecting there is the Hobbies badge in the Scout section and one of the criteria for this is stamp collecting.

Those of you still active within our movements will I hope try and encourage those in the younger sections to start collecting stamps and allied material as they are the future of the hobby - and our Club too.

Hobbies Activity Badge

To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements of one of the following alternatives:

Alternative A
Take up a hobby or interest for which you do not already have an activity badge.
Keep a record of involvement for a period agreed with a member of the leadership team.

Alternative B
Make a collection or study of objects over an agreed period.  Examples are stamps, metal badges, teaspoons or bookmarks.
Talk to a group about the collection or study chosen.  Explain the reason for the choice.


This badge is designed for those who regularly pursue a hobby for which there is no specific activity badge.
The Scout can gain more than one Hobbies badge.  Alternative requirements can be agreed with a member of the Troop leadership team.

Sections can join our Club and create a collection of stamps that can also be used as a valuable visual teaching aid by leaders as much of this material as we all know illustrates our history,personalities and activities.

The Committee hope to see many familiar and some new faces too at the forthcoming A.G.M. taking place at a new venue.

There will be some interesting talks and unusual items displayed and an opportunity to bring along items from your own collections that you may wish to find out more about from our team of "experts".

As usual, there be a chance for you to find some hidden bargains at the dealer's stands to add to your collections!

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