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Autumn 2015
by Melvyn Gallagher
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The 23rd World Scout Jamboree, hosted by Japan, ended on August 8th and, from what I hear it was a splendid event.  In terms of publicity by our media I saw nothing - which is maybe because the 70th anniversary of the atom bomb at Hiroshima was on August 6th and this grabbed the headlines and T.V. Coverage.  At the official commemorations held in Japan it would have been a wonderful opportunity for a delegation of Scouts from many nations to have taken part as a tribute to peace and reconciliation and friendship amongst nations.

As yet any Scout stamps commemorating the Jamboree have not “hit the market” but, no doubt, there will be many omnibus type issues from the smaller West Indian Islands and African nations; few of which will be found postally used apart from on F.D.Cs.

If any members were there please inform our Editor with a report of the postal facilities on site and details of any specific postmarks and labels produced which will be of great interest to our members.

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