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Winter 2015
by Melvyn Gallagher
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As I write this it is Remembrance Sunday, a day when throughout the U.K. and abroad thousands of Scouts and Guides march to their local war memorials and Ogden Reverse churches.  Also this month at the Lord Mayor’s Show in the Ogden On the March City of London the national Scout Marching Band takes part and marching Scouts have, and still are, seen at St.  George’s Day parades, celebrations for national days and funerals.  In the early days of Scouting marching was very much an integral part of the training (as seen in the illustrated cigarette card from 1911) but the efforts of most of today’s Scouts would make a drill sergeant weep!

1947 World Scout Jamboree Arrival of Delegates

Parades showing marching Scouts, Guides and bands are seen on many stamps and postcards too, from many lands.  Illustrated are just a few, postcard of the arrival of delegations to the 1947 World Scout Jamboree, a 1964 miniature sheet of Sharjah Girl Scouts and stamps from St. Helena and Barbados depicting Scout marching bands.

Sharjah Parade Barbados Parade

This being the Christmas issue of the Bulletin I hope that you will support your local Scout posts, if available in your area, and on behalf of all the Committee I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2016.

St. Helena Parade

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