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September/October 2011
by John Ineson
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Much has appeared on the internet regarding the 22nd World Jamboree held at Rinkaby near Kristianstad, in Southern Sweden from 27 July — 7 August.  My thanks go to our recently joined member Siang Tong Tan (known as ST) from the U.S.A., who kindly sent me three postcards from the Jamboree with the special cancellation.  No official postage stamps were issued for the event, although printed labels were available in small quantities.  Already Registered covers sent from the camp have appeared on eBay and the two I have recorded made £95.43 (US$ 151.69, €105) Swiss Reg Cover and £109.78 (US$ 174.50, € 120).  Registered covers into the camp from Switzerland and Denmark made £19.19 ($30.50, €21.00) and £28.00 ($44.50, €30.80).  I understand that fake Jamboree badges are already appearing on the market and this also applies to the 2010 World Moot held in Kenya in 2010.

In my notes of Nov/Dec 2007.  I wrote about the Victoria Cross Anniversary miniature sheet appearing for sale without the Queens' head or Value, as this included one stamp showing Jack Cornwell V.C. During May, Feldman's Auction of Switzerland offered for sale an imperforate 2006 miniature sheet which they believe to be unique.  It was reportedly sent to an overseas subscriber of Royal Mail's new issue service on release, and no other examples have been reported.  This lot (No. 31037) was estimated at €5000, but made €7000 (£6365 US$ 9865).

Recently I visited the British Library in London, and was pleased to view the stamp collection of Poland formed by Miroslaw Bojanowicz (1906-1986).  He was a former member of the SGSC who settled in England after WWII and became a recognized expert on the stamps of Poland.  He frequently served as a judge at international exhibitions and in 1966 was invited to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.  The reason for mentioning this is that on display in Frame 2 there is a 1944 Warsaw Uprising Boy Scout Potato cancel in red.  This is a very rare item and very few are known as this cancel was only issued for two days.

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