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March/April 2013
by John Ineson
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The note that I wrote about the Headquarters Meter Slogan for the 1939 World Rover Moot held at Monzie Castle, Scotland caused interest with a few of our members.  You may recall that I wrote that the earlier meter slogan of "Bid you welcome" was dated 19 April 1939, and the latest date of "Visit the International Gathering" was 28 April.  I then went on to write that this meter slogan was changed sometime within the next nine days of the earlier example dated 19 April.  This has proved to be wrong as Hallvard Slettebø of Norway writes to say that he has the "Visit...." slogan dated 1st April 1939, which means that this was used both before and after the "Bid you welcome…" slogan.  I trust that you can follow what I am writing!

Romanian Corner Imperfs The German auction house Christoph Gärtner very often has scarce Cracked Plate Scout items on offer and recently sold the set of five Imperf 1935 Romanian stamps in sheet corners which made €770 (£670 US$1005).  Only 200 stamps were issued Imperf.  The market for general material seems to have declined lately but good Scout material still makes high prices.  Grosvenor Auctions of London recently sold a large head Mafeking Cracked Plate stamp for £1450 (€1665 US$ 2175) and a bound set of the Mafeking Mail newspapers for £50 less at £1400.  In the same auction a 1957 Korean mint miniature sheet made £420 (€480 US$630) which would have been higher if it had been ummounted.

The March edition of the Philatelic Exporter gave detail about illegal Lithuanian Scout stamps: "Through the Universal Postal Union, Lithuania Post has declared as illegal, stamps issued in 2011 devoted to the 'Lithuania Scouts 100-year Anniversary 1918-2008', (I work this out to be 90 years!), which is for sale on an at internet site.  The Scouts stamps of 2008 are on a sheetlet of eight perforated stamps, denominated 'C'.  Lithuania Post stresses that these illegal issues are not stamps officially issued by Lithuania, and that they are not valid as evidence of payment of postage".  Unfortunately there are no photographs of these stamps in the magazine, so I have no idea what they look like.

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