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May/June 2013
by John Ineson
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In the last Bulletin our President, Peter Duck wrote to say that he knew of two Government banknotes issued World Scout Banknotes by Singapore in 1967 and Indonesia in 1992.  I have one more issued by the Central Bank of Seychelles in 1989.  I guess not many of our readers have seen these banknotes so for the record, they are illustrated here.

We have an expression in the U.K. "Is your journey really necessary!" I certainly had a wasted journey to Hamburg, Germany recently to view a Scout stamp collection.  The description read "A huge lot of Scouting, about 70,000 pieces on this collecting theme, FDC's, commercially used and full stamp covers.  In addition rare posters, badges, seals and many specialties from 1920-1970.  Also plenty of material from the founder of Scouting Lord Baden Powell, postcards showing original signatures including the Floyd V. Steutel-Dean collection, plenty of very interesting material from overseas, some items in quantities of 250 - 2000 copies and so on.  The late collector was personally acquainted to Lord Baden-Powell, who inspired him to collect, and he was attached to Scouting for many years".  As I am always interested in B-P items, and ephemera from 1920 onwards, I thought that this part could be of interest, with perhaps material from the first World Jamboree.  I viewed 92 boxes of modern material, but no sign of the B-P items.  I mentioned this to the auction owner, but he said that they took the vendors description without inspecting the lot!.  It turned out that the 70,000 pieces were from the Barry Mann collections that were not sold at the German auction house of Christoph Gärtner during the last two years.

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