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September/October 2014
by John Ineson
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Jersey has recently released a set of six stamps and a miniature sheet showing a World War I recruiting poster designed by Baden-Powell.  Issued to mark the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the war, the £1.00 stamp includes part of the poster showing a Scout.  Two other recruiting posters are known concerning Scouts and these are also described and shown in Colin Walker's recently published book "Scouts at War".  In my collection I have a label and the same sketch as a postcard sold both in Russia and Japan to help the war effort.  Do any of our members have this card produced in the U.K.? as I cannot recall seeing one for sale.

WWI Posters

I have written before about an eBay dealer in Hong Kong who sells material which in my opinion is dubious.  Recently he offered a "First Edition Scouting for Boys by Baden-Powell - Six Part book".  Starting at £99.00, this made £185.  What upsets me is that somebody has bought what they thought was the original first edition, when in fact they were facsimile copies produced by the Scout Book Club in the 1930's.  Bound in green, this was part of a fairly large set of books and today's price is only £5-£10 each, although Scouting for Boys is worth a little more.  A similar book with facsimile issues of the original parts was sold in 1957 at the time of the World Jamboree.  For those who do not know, the original six fortnightly parts were all the same size except for the first issue which is slightly smaller overall.

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