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November/December 2014
by John Ineson
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Various Scout items have recently been sold at a Gartner auction in Germany including some of the Walter Grob material sold at the Rölli auction in Switzerland last February.  The 1929 Registered window envelope Grob 1929 Registered Arrowe Park which sold in Switzerland for £551, (€661, US$870) sold at Gartner for £1735 (€2100, US$2740), a huge increase in price.  Another unrecorded registered cover (illustrated) was offered by Argyll Etkin Auction in London during October with the following description "Boy Scouts. 1929 (July 31) Registered cover tied by 'ARROWEPK CAMP / WIRRAL CHES' skeleton cancel, a fourth strike on the front, with Birkenhead 59 registration label No. 28.  A fine and scarce registered cover, sent on the first day of the World Scout Jamboree; this special skeleton cancel was only used on registered mail.  Est. £350-450".  This appeared to be a very cheap price as Argyll Etkin had sold a few years ago, similar items for over £1000, but on inspecting the cover at Stampex, I noticed there were a number of rust spots on the front which did not show up in the photo and were not mentioned in the description.  This sold for £500 (€600, US$790).

Over the years, a few articles have been written about the U.K. 1957 World Jamboree set of stamps which were overprinted and surcharged for use in Kuwait (as were most other U.K. stamps at that time).  Supplies of Kuwait 1957 Cover the Jamboree stamps were actually in Bahrain when it was decided, for political reasons, that they should not be issued in Kuwait, so the overprinted Scout stamps were only issued in Bahrain, Qatar and Muscat.  A few of the Muscat stamps were used in Kuwait between 10 August 1957 and 27 March 1958.  A total of 53 ordinary covers were posted mainly with two of the Muscat overprinted Jamboree stamps and posted in Ahmadi or Kuwait.  Only 14 registered covers were posted from Nina al Ahmadi or Ahmadi showing the full set of stamps and with an extra 5 NP in normal Kuwait overprints to make up the postage fee.  The cover illustrated was recently offered by Grosvenor Auctions of London and sold for £420 (€505,  US$665) against an estimate of £100-£150.

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