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April-June 2015
by John Ineson
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I am sorry that the reproduction of the Mafeking Baden-Powell 3d stamp that I illustrated in my last notes came out as black.  I had forgotten that this stamp never reproduces in black and white, and maybe that is a good reason to receive the Bulletin via the internet, when the stamps come out in perfect colour!.

Darlington NZ

In the last Bulletin, I illustrated a cover and postcard from the 1936 Northern Counties Jamboree held at Raby Castle, Darlington.  I asked if any of our members had ever seen any other cards before from this Jamboree, after which I was delighted to hear from Paul van Herpt of New Zealand that he has a different card which is illustrated here.  We both agree that it is not a very exciting card, and have no idea what is happening.  Paul writes "With the common frame and no printer details, you'd have to wonder if it was a local photographer who went to the site and took plenty of images putting them on cards, and with that purpose, made a frame and tried to sell them".  I rarely receive any feedback from my requests from my notes and sometimes wonder if members read what I have written!, but guess that "no news is good news".

The Picture Postcard Monthly magazine in its April 2015 edition had a letter about Stanley Hunter's Archives.  Stanley was a long time member of the SGSC until he died in 2004, and although the letter did not refer to his Scout collection, but to his archives and notes about Scottish Exhibitions, of which he had one of the leading collections.  The writer of the letter was delighted to acquire eleven ring binders from a dealer about this subject, as Stanley's computer had a password that nobody knew.  When he died, all archives and notes as well as the exhibition material including, badges and postcards were put into a skip, to be dumped by his executor.  The story had a happy ending as the driver of the skip lorry thought the load looked interesting and called in to visit an antique dealer on his way to the dump.  The dealer took one look and recognised what he was seeing and bought the lot.  He then contacted an eBay collector who was buying exhibition material, and sold the skip load for £40,000 (about US$ 60,000 €50,000).  You may say that this letter has nothing to do with Scout stamps, but the purpose of this is to make sure that you have made preparations, so that your Scout collection is not dumped into a skip.

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