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July-September 2016
by John Ineson
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An interesting cover sold by Gartner of Germany in their recent auction was this 1947 commemorative item sent from the World Jamboree on 10 August 1947 by a Scout from the Lithuanian Displaced Persons Lithuanian Displaced Persons Cover Contingent.  Posted to Lübeck, Germany, (which was situated in the British Zone), the country having been divided up between the American, French, British and Russian zones soon after the war.  Many of the Scouts attending the Jamboree under the Displaced Person contingent came from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine and were provided with tents by the American, French and British armies.  A total of 213 Scouts attended from the various D.P. camps, which included 36 from Estonia and about 40-50 from Ukraine.  Despite spending some time searching in "Google", I cannot find out how many Scouts came from Lithuania.  During and after World War II, until the early 1950s, Scouting and Guiding flourished in these Displaced Persons camps with Scout and Guide groups often provided a postal delivery and other basic services.  Although this rare cover was not illustrated in the catalogue, it was shown online with an estimate of €150, and sold for €600 (About £480) plus 22% buyers premium.

Sold by Gartner in their auction held at the International Stamp show in New York during June was this very POCZTA SKAUTOWA IV-L scarce postcard.  In 1915 During World War I, this Scout Postal item was sent from German and Austrian occupied Russian Poland and written by a member of the Polish Legion of the Austro-Hungarian Army.  On the left it shows the unit cachet in red "KOMENDA IV.KOMPANII 4.BAONU", as well in black the double circular K.U.K. Fieldpost No, 118 cancel dated 7 June 1915.  Posted to Łódź and delivered by the local Polish Scout Post, it has the three ring oval cancel inscription "POCZTA SKAUTOWA IV-L" (The "IV-L" signifies the 4th Scout Group of Łódź).  This is the first Scout postmark from Poland and one of the earliest Scout postmarks from anywhere in the world.  Very few examples are recorded and this is considered to be the best of them all.

Some high prices were recently obtained on eBay for 1957 World Jamboree philatelic items with some making at least double the market price.  Sold by "Downland2", well over 100 lots were offered by him over Qatar Registered Cover 1957 Coil Leaders three weeks.  He informed me that he was not a Scout, but a collector of GB commemoratives and had kept the Jamboree part of the collection as he had enough material to do an evening's presentation to local philatelic clubs.  As he had visited most of the clubs in his local area, he has decided to sell.  The highest price made was for the set of three 1957 coil leaders which made £485 (€580, US$ 680) which was below the market price, when they can be found.  A registered cover from Umm Said in Qatar made £256, and the next highest price was for the cover showing the testing labels which sold for £238.  Although there was only one bidder, the two registered covers both sold for £120, which is about double the market value.

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Testing Label Cover

Testing Label Cover  £238

Olympia H.Q. Camp Cachet

Olympia H.Q. Camp Cachet  £60

Reg. Cover to Nyasaland

Reg. Cover to Nyasaland  £120

German Contingent Reg. Cover

German Contingent Reg. Cover  £77

Extract from Philatelic Bulletin

Extract from Philatelic Bulletin  £82

Harrison Sheet

Harrison Sheet  £56

Soke of Peterborough Cachet

Soke of Peterborough Cachet  £48

Francis Field Cachet Air Letter

Francis Field Cachet Air Letter  £102

Registered Cover

Registered Cover  £120

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