1964           A set of 10 values: SG.822-31. Issued in aid of Youth Rehabilitation, and

Pan-1         with an obligatory tax, 5 values depict a saluting Scout & badge, and the

other 5 portray a saluting Guide & badge. All are 1¢ values.  P.& Imp.

(7 Feb)  FLAW:  This set exists with inverted Wmk.  Also, all values,

including both types of Wmks, exist with a dot between the "P" and "a" of


1964           NOT strictly a Scout issue:  a set of 24!.  SG.     Consists of the first 5 values

Pan-2         from Set Pan-1 above, Optd. "V Juegos Bolivarianos", & surcharged "8¢".

Then, the next 5 values of that set, similarly Optd., and also Optd. "Aereo".

Then, 9 of the 10 values from the same set, with both Opts., but surcharged

"30¢".  Finally, the first 5 values again, with both Opts., and surcharged "40¢".

As all the stamps in the original set are 1¢ values, it is not clear at present

which values are which. (7 Feb)  This set was surcharged for Youth

Rehabilitation, but its status is not clear.___________________________________

1982           One MS in a set of 2 in aid of "Children’s  Village", each with 2 vignettes.

Pan-3         The Scout MS [SG.M.1313B] depicts a youth music group, & 5 Scouts sitting

outside a tent; Imperf.  (1 Nov)__________________________________________

1984           One value from a set of 4: SG.1382.  In aid of "Children's  Village", & IYY

Pan-4         1985], consisting of 4 se-tenant strips, each depicting a child, one of whom

wears a Cub Scout uniform.  4 MS; one shows a Scout; Imperf.(1 Nov)____________

1985           NOT strictly a Scout issue: 2 values in a se-tenant block of 4:

Pan-5         SG.1400 & 1403. This issue honours "Children’s  Village", and

Christmas, and depicts scenes with Scouts [SG 1400], and with Cubs

[SG 1403].  A MS, Imperf.     (10 Dec)____________________________________

1988           A single value:  SG.1482.  NOTE: Dated 1985! Marks  75th Ann. of World

Pan-6         Guiding, and depicts a Guide handshake beneath a Guide badge.  (14 Apr)






1976           Two values from a set of 4 marking the 50th Ann. of Scouting in Papua New

PNG-1        Guinea, and its first aerial survey: SG.309 & 311.   The Scout values depict

2 Scouts making a shelter; and 2 Scouts in an outrigger canoe. (18 Aug)____________

1977           A set of 4 values: SG.338-41.  Marks the 50th Ann. of Guiding in Papua New

PNG-2        Guinea, and depicts 3 Guides: 2 Guides sketching:  washing in a river; and

cooking.  (10 Aug)____________________________________________________

1982           A "Year of the Scout" issue: a set of 4 values: SG.426-9.  Depicts Scouts

PNG-3        with a flag, & B.-P.: campfire group & leader: hut-building & a Scout; and

a local Scout personality.  (20 Jan)________________________________________

1988           POSTAL STATIONERY.  A souvenir cover. (No further details)

PNG-S4       __________________________________________________________________

1996           POSTAL STATIONERY.  An Air letter marking the 70th Ann. of PNG

PNG-S5       Scouting. (11 Sep)  The imprinted stamp depicts B.-P. & badge._________________

2003      A set of 4 values:  SG.957-60.   Marks the 20th WJ, Thailand,and depicts

PNG-6        Scouts:  2 Scouts with machinery:  Scouts on a climbing frame, and Senior

scouts.  (12 Feb)






1962           A set of 8 values: SG.986-93. Honours the Scout Movement; depicts a Scout

Par-1          bugler in camp; & B.-P.: P.& Imp.  The Imperf. set is in different colours.  A

MS, P.& Imp., but the Imp. is in slightly different colours from  Perf. version.

FLAW:  Stamps from this issue exist with various  Imperf. varieties

(i.e., top, bottom, sides).  (6 Feb)_________________________________________