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Items on offer by the SGSC.  Remittance must accompany your order.  Payment in cash (£GBP, $USD, €Euro) or UK Cheque.  Price includes postage.  Please send to Mr. Peter Duck, 9 Broadlands Court, Kew Gardens Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3HW, United Kingdom.  Thank you!
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5 Cards for the World Jamboree
£2.50, €4.00, $6.00 per set
Feigenbaum Flag on UK Feigenbaum Rope of Flags Feigenbaum Baden-Powell Feigenbaum SGSC Feigenbaum WOSM Logo
8 Cards by Keith Burtonshaw
£3.50, €5.00, $7.00 per set
Burtonshaw Camel Rider Burtonshaw Scout & Indian Burtonshaw Wolf Cubs - Cub Scouts Burtonshaw 1920, 1995 Uniforms Burtonshaw Native Warrior Burtonshaw Stamp Collecting Burtonshaw Baden-Powell Burtonshaw St. George
3 Cards of Baden-Powell
£2.00, €3.00, $4.00 per set
Sepia Baden-Powell Baden-Powell on UK Flag Baden-Powell 1920 Banquet

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