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McKee Checklist First Page There are over 2700 issues, and 360 countries or territories: over 9000 stamps, nearly 2700 MS.   Pages containing detailed descriptions of every known issue in these categories:

Scout & Guide Postage Stamps

Scout & Guide Local Carriage Labels

Scout & Guide Displaced Persons Camp Labels

Scout & Guide Christmas Charity Labels

Russian Territories Local Carriage Labels

Scout & Guide Currency

Scout Rocket Mail

Boys' & Girls' Brigade Postage Stamps

Boys' & Girls' Brigade Christmas Charity Labels

McKee Floppy Disks

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Contents of two 3.5" Floppy Disks have been combined into 1 ZIP file.
Checklist is composed of 36 Microsoft Word Files and 1 Adobe pdf file of Bangladesh Overprints
Entries are made cronologically within each Country
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